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July 18, 2019


July 18, 2019

Board Members Present: Chair, Chuck Fisher; Vice Chair/Secretary, Jo Sparkes; Directors: Jerry Nierengarten; Mike Buck; Dan Anderson; Trudy Corrigan; Audrey Block; Mike Carlson; Sheila Carlson. Attendees: Ed Gehrig, Dana Turner, Mitch Ellison

Called to Order by Chuck Fisher at 7:00 pm 

Minutes: Approved 

Treasurer Report: no report 

Board Chair Report

  • Ed Gehrig follow up to his letter and concern over the triangle of land for sale along Boones Ferry. It seems the land is indeed for sale – the pre apps for the multi-dwelling project there were done to enhance the price of the land. The owner never intended to do the work himself.
  • The owner is very open to the idea of selling the land to become a park/greenspace area, rather than a development. He even spoke of taking a lower price for it in such a case. The challenge is getting the city to purchase it. Ed was urged to continue his campaign with the City of Lake Oswego.
  • A letter was sent to Jessica Numanoglu, the Planning Manager, regarding the proposed ordinance to temporarily relax sign restrictions. The LGNA Board was unanimously in favor of this during the Boones Ferry Project.
  • Pre App June 20th for PA 19-0033, 3355 Upper Drive. Chuck did not attend, but when discussed in the original pre app meeting, it appeared to be a minor variance that made sense.
  • Pre App Conference June 27 for PA 19-0036 16110 Boones Ferry. This is the one with the outbuilding constructed without permission. The planner responsible for the application reported that the business owners thought they were subject to residential code, and thus could construct the outbuilding without permission. They now understand they must either fix it or tear it down.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance, through the Neighborhood Coalition of Lake Oswego, was provided to Lake Grove Presbyterian Church. Iris McCaleb, Long Range Planning, coordinates insurance for NA’s. The Church needs a new certificate each year. (Iris McCaleb – 503 607-6591;
  • The next year’s LGNA schedule has been set with the Lake Grove Presbyterian Church through June 2020. The contact person for this is Grace Westbrook, Database Administrator. (503 636-5656;
  • Question of the City hosting the Neighborhood Associations’ websites – Chuck exchanged emails with Cheryl Uchida. She’s willing to revisit this idea, and will bring up at the next Chairs meeting (set for July 20th). Chuck will follow up.

Board Vice-Chair Report 

  • Jo Sparkes – hasn’t spoken to Will Mahoney-Watson yet, who developed the website, about updating the website. Specifically, what he proposes to do and how long it will take at $30 an hour. 

Director Reports 

Neighborhood Enhancement Grant: Mike Buck accepted our Neighborhood Enhancement Grant from the City Council on 7/2. He is working with Eric Olsen, Staff Planner, as the grant work is more complex than first thought due to public easement. 

Tree Summit: set for 10/5/19, at the Church on Southshore, and will run for 3 hours. The LGNA Board is one of the sponsors. 

  • Current plan is to only look at the canopy. It will be an interactive session, breaking out into groups. The first hour will be Benefits; the second Stewardship; and the third Next Steps.

Notices of Pending Tree Removal:

15193 Boones Way (#499-19-03359, 7/12/19): Appears reasonable.

3130 Douglas Circle (#499-19-3260, 7/8/19): 2 trees are to come down – a deodar cedar and a sequoia. While the cedar seems reasonable, the sequoia is so close to the road that it may well be a street tree (belonging to the City of Lake Oswego). The reason given to remove it is the possibility of its crowding other trees. As other trees have survived such crowding, this reason is questionable.  

Annual Membership Meeting:

Takes place at the next meeting, which is September 19th. There is no August meeting. A topic of interest might be the new law HB 2001, multi family zoning, that just passed in Oregon. Upon initial reading, it appears to raise a great many questions.

Notification cards must be sent to the neighborhood for this meeting.

Adjourned: 8:00 p.m. 

Next up is General Meeting: 7 p.m., September 19th, 2019,