Minutes: October 21, 2021

Meeting Minutes

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

October 21,2021

Meeting called to order by Chairman Dan Anderson at 7:02 pm

Attending Board members:  Dan Anderson, Robert Dove, Trudy Corrigan, Chuck Fisher, Yoko Kinoshita, Audrey Block, Jerry Nierengarten, Mike Buck

Guest Robert Hroinsky

Minutes for the last meeting were approved.

Documentation for written approval by the Board officers was presented to Dan by Jerry Nierengarten Secretary.  The document authorizes in writing who is approved by the Board ro sign on LGNA’s bank account , make deposits and Board approved payments as the Board directs.  Board officers all sign and dated the document.  

The Board approved this at the September 16 meeting and this document added the signed signatures to that oral approval.

Treasurer Chuck Fisher and Secretary Jerry Nierengarten will meet with Home Street Bank in the following week to formally add their names as authorized signers on the LGNA account and remove Rob Loesch’s name from the account.

  • * * * * Chairman’s report  * * * * *

Dan welcomed neighbor Robert Hroinsky to the meeting.  He lives just down the street on Upper.

Dan advised us that going forward neighborhoods receiving Neighborhood Enhancement Grants would have to pay for the service or product their neighborhood was awarded and then request reimbursement from the City.  Dan talked to the City and was promised that reimbursement would be quick and likely take place in a day or two.

Dan advised that the City Parks and Rec will sponsor a Farmers Market event in Lake Grove on October 24.  Members commented that there was little publicity for this and there were concerns that attendance could suffer.

Dan noted an upcoming Pre-Ap PA 21-0101 for tax lot 4300 onNovember 4 at 1:15 pm.  This is the island property between Upper and Boones Ferry by the Pamplin property.  Dan will attend.

  • * * * *Board Member reports* * * * *

Chuck Fisher

Chuck submitted a motion that the Board approve the purchase the domain name for our website,  lakegroveneighborhood.org.  The motion wasseconded and unanimously approved by the Board.  The goal will be to accomplish this by year-end.

Yoko Kinoshita

Dan advised that Yoko was in a PSU Student Leadership Program.  Yoko indicated that under the program participants commit to volunteering four hours a week and that she would like to volunteer for that period on work for our neighborhood.  Dan motioned that the Board approve Yoko as our volunteer.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Dan requested that an initial project for her would be to help revise our website which we have been unable to update.  Yoko agreed to this and our guest Robert Hroinsk indicated that he would help her with this project.

Trudy Corrigan

Vice Chair Trudy advised that that the owner of the lot at Boones Ferry and Upper that had been under consideration for condos is now interested in selling the lot for affordable housing.

The meeting ended about 8:00 pm